West Commons Playground Wins Exceptional Park Design Award

February 9, 2017

On Wednesday, January 18, Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation (CCPR) received an Indiana Park and Recreation Association (IPRA) Exceptional Park Design Award at the IRPA Awards of Excellence Banquet in Indianapolis, Indiana. CCPR received this award for the department’s innovative design of Central Park’s West Commons playground, which opened to the public on October 12, 2016.

The IPRA Annual Awards of Excellence recognize agencies and individuals throughout Indiana that embody the vision, dedication and excellence needed in the field of parks and recreation. These awards highlight efforts that transcend everyday standards in order to make a difference and improve the quality of life in Indiana’s communities. IPRA award winners include park and recreation professionals, organizations, agencies and volunteers.

The playground at West Commons has a futuristic design and offers children more than 25,000 square feet of play space. The structure is nestled into the side of a hill and incorporates universal design principles to encourage inclusion. Children using wheelchairs have access to lower level amenities as well as upper-level features with the use of ramps. The playground also offers three cave-like areas to provide respite for children who need quieter spaces during play.

Adjacent to the playground, is a splash pad which is designed to match the nature that surrounds it. Spray features and geysers resemble cattails, flowers and animals. The splash pad is designed to provide relief from the heat and continues CCPR’s commitment to use environmentally friendly water management.

In addition to the play space in the park, West Commons also offers picnic shelters, restrooms, outdoor classroom space, open meadow, a lagoon and boardwalk.


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