Top 10 Tips for The Waterpark


It’s happened again. We blinked and summer is nearly over! There are only two weeks left of regular season hours at The Waterpark. As you take advantage of these last few summer rays, follow these tips for an all around sunny experience.

— Using our lockers is a great way to keep your belongings safe while you enjoy The Waterpark. While you can buy a lock from us, save some money by bringing your own lock!

— We are the first to say nachos and soft serve from The Waterpark concession stand are delicious! However, you are free to bring your own snacks and drinks in with you (just no glass or alcohol!).

— If you are visiting The Waterpark with a large group and you don’t plan on staying together, make sure you agree on a meeting point. This will help you check in with your group throughout the day!

— Don’t forget that tickets to The Waterpark drop in price after 4 p.m. Late-day pricing is $5 for adults and $4 for youth/seniors.

— Take on The Waterpark in style by renting a cabana. Renting a cabana doesn’t have to break the bank. Check out our late-day rentals (4 p.m. to close). You can reserve an 8×8 cabana on a weekday for just $19!

— Skip the stress of getting everyone changed into bathing suits in The Waterpark locker rooms. Get straight to the fun by wearing your bathing suits under your clothes.

— While you aren’t going to the lake or the ocean, it’s still not a bad idea to put kids in swim shoes at The Waterpark. The sidewalks can get wet and slippery and swim shoes can help prevent falls!

— Pack an extra tote for wet clothes, towels and bathing suits.

— If you plan on bringing drinks into The Waterpark, try freezing them the night before to keep them cold without using a cooler!