Monon Greenway Repaving Project set to begin on or after April 16

April 9, 2018


The Monon Greenway from 96th Street to Gradle Drive will undergo some repairs and resurfacing this year. It will also have some new bollards installed, but none of these improvements will affect the footprint of the greenway in this section.

Plans have been created that will result in the least negative impact to the public. The detours created to accommodate this project result in a possible two-mile addition, depending on your exact route.  A sidewalk will be installed along 96th Street to connect the existing sidewalk with the Monon Greenway.  Signs will be posted to help direct greenway users along the detour for each phase of construction and informative signs with detour maps will be located at the Monon closure points. The detour route for the first phase traveling northbound, will be from the Monon, west along 96th Street, north on College to 106th, east on 106th to Monon. Reverse this route for southbound greenway traffic.

The project will begin on or after April 16, and is anticipated to last approximately one month. It will be completed in phases with two short phases at the beginning and end and one longer one in the middle. Phase 3 information and map will be coming soon. If you have questions about the project, please call 317.573.4044.

Click here to view/download a PDF of the map.



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