Leaders Come in All Shapes and Sizes!


Jacob Haisley may only be 11 years old, but he is wise beyond his years. This little man loves sports and making new friends, so it’s no surprise that he loves spending his summer at Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation’s Move to Improve summer camp.

During camp, Jacob is able to play the sports he loves. He said his favorite sports are basketball and baseball, but at Move to Improve he’s been able to play new sports like volleyball.

“I really like summer camp because of the fun activities,” he said. “I’m not sitting at home on the couch, which is what a lot of kids do in the summer!”

Jacob might be an outlier here, a lot of kids love lounging around on the couch all summer. This isn’t surprising though; Jacob breaks a lot of molds. He knows what he wants to be when he grows up – an engineer – and he can’t wait to have his first “job” as an IMPACT Leader during summer camp next year.

“I definitely want to be an IMPACT leader,” Jacob said. “I’ll be able to learn and have fun with kids. It’s a step toward having a real job!”

Move to Improve site supervisor, Valeska Simmonds, has her fingers crossed that Jacob will be an IMPACT Leader.

”Jacob stands out because of his can-do attitude and his compassion for our younger campers,” Valeska said. “He will stop what he is doing and give advice or assistance to anyone who needs a little extra help. Every day he demonstrates teamwork, and fair play no matter what the activity is. He is truly an amazing young man. It is a pleasure to have Jacob with us and we are looking forward to seeing him as an IMPACT counselor in the future.”

We are so thankful for CCPR Stars like Jacob in summer camp. We hope to see him next summer as an IMPACT Leader, but for now we wish him a great school year and hope that he continues staying active and enjoying all of his favorite sports.