Terese McAninch, Author at Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation | Carmel, IN

Rec. Services Manager

Terese McAninch is the new Recreation Services Manager, Aquatics/Operations. She has a wonderful family, husband Tom, son Liam, and daughter Lucille. Terese has been swimming since she was 8 months old and loves everything that has to do with water. Terese believes that summers are some of the happiest memories of our lives and most are spent pool side, so why not come make some memories this summer at The Waterpark.

Top 10 Reasons The Waterpark Can’t Open Soon Enough

It’s been a long Indiana winter and Momma needs some sun! We’ve all been cooped up all winter long. Everyone was sick, the days were dreary, and the harsh cold air hurt to breathe in. It is finally time for warm, sunny weather! Momma needs to feel the warmth of… Read More…